Guitar Tuning: Tip 1

Okay, tuning the guitar is one of the trickiest things for someone to do, especially if they’re a beginner. It’s easy to get frustrated because you’ve tried to sit down to play your guitar, but spent all your energy trying to tune the crazy thing.


Now, acoustic guitars can range significantly from the very well made to the very badly made. It is usually the latter that are the most frustrating to try and tune.

However, if you are a beginner, the goal for you right now is to get close – not perfect. Please take the perfect tune pressure off of yourself.

There are several ways to tune a guitar, but I’ll cover those later. This tip is appropriate for any of the methods.

Tip 1: Tune each string as close as you can, then stop.

Even if the guitar still sounds way off to you, it’s really okay. You don’t want to break a string (that’s a bummer). You do want to spend some of your time actually practicing (unless, of course, you have no school, no job, no family, no dogs, no mail to check, no bills to pay, or any of that).

You get the point.

Do your best to get close. That’s the goal in the next few tuning tips.

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