The primary purpose of this site is to continue to equip my students in their study and practice of music. In general, I hope this site to be an encouragement to really anyone who has had an interest in music and feels stuck.

I believe in following Jesus Christ and making Him look good. Instruments are merely tools to serve others. This is what makes my training unique. My goal is to help people learn to use their musical tool for the glory of God.

Yes, you should have fun playing and creating. This is part of our design. However, if your purpose is to be famous someday, I’m not your man.

As for a little more about me, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology in 2014 and have led worship music for almost 20 years. I have played everything from drums (and other percussion) to guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, and bass. I have enjoyed teaching music for most of these years, and have also been in live performance bands, and recorded CDs with original songs.

(Note: I tend to separate the live performance bands from worship leading, though they look similar – they just have very different purposes.)

Worship leading has been one of my passions for a long time and I wish to communicate a good theology of worship as I help people work together to engage and direct others’ hearts to the Savior. I love to work with teams to accomplish an “invisible” quality about them, eliminating distractions through proper planning, honing their musical skill, and effective communication.

Music is God’s creation. May we honor His beauty and order as we play.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please view the calendar if you have questions about schedule.

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Other ways to contact me:

  • Email: jason (at) musicwithjason (dot) com
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