Strength of hand: Finger Presses

Playing music is an amazing experience. I believe most people know that, but feel actual playing is an impossibility, and remain content to simply “appreciate” the ones who do. While all should recognize God’s purposes and giftings for and in their life, I believe everyone is an artist.

But the artistry involved with music must start somewhere, right? Part of the hurdle many face as they begin the journey of playing music is a weak hand.

Everyone is in a different place. Everyone has different natural and learned skills, but even those with natural skill and interest need strength of hand. Almost any instrument requires it.

There are many ways to strengthen the hand. Even if you don’t have a hand exerciser, you can work on strengthening your hand.

I call them:

A finger press is simply this: Press the index finger (pointer) on the thumb as hard as possible for 3 seconds. Move to the middle finger, and then do the same for your ring finger and pinky. Continue rotating from finger to finger for about 3-5 minutes. Be sure to continue and not stop right when it starts to hurt.

If you would like to purchase something, here are a couple suggestions (both found on here, but can be found other places)

Standard Hand Grips

std hand grips

GripMaster (designed for individual finger exercises)


These are both great options, but may be a little harder to press at younger ages. I actually have the first one in my car, but my kids cannot use it very well. 

That’s why finger presses are a great choice for anyone. They are useful for strengthening the left-hand for a guitar player, or both hands for a pianist. In fact, there is an added benefit. The shape of the fingers in a proper finger press is identical to the proper hand positioning on both guitar and piano.

Try it out!